Central Pike Collision offers

Free Estimates-We'll meet with you and learn about the history of your car. Our professionals will then prepare a detailed estimate of what they will do to restore your car to pre-accident condition.  

We can work with ANY insurance company! TheTennessee Motorists Bill of Rights states: "No insurer or insurer representative shall recommend the use of a particular motor vehicle repair service without clearly informing the claimant that (i) the claimant is underno obligation to use the recommended repair service, (ii) the claimant may usethe repair service of the claimant's choice, and (iii) the amount determined bythe insurer to be payable under the policy will be paid regardless of whether or not the claimant uses the recommended repair service." Bottom line- YOU choose the body shop that you feel is the best to repair your vehicle! 
​Courtesy Transportation-
We offer free shuttle service to your home or office when you drop your car off for repairs. 

Towing-Our company provides towing services through our partner Donelson Wrecker Services. Please contact them @ 615-889-6218. They are located directly beside Central Pike Collision.

Collision Repair-Structural Repair and Alignment- We use the G-Tronix system to take laser measurements to put your vehicle back to its factory specifications, and to ensure its proper structural alignment. 

Paint and Finish-We use only the best quality paints to ensure optimum gloss and durability. Colors are mixed by factory computer codes and then custom tinted by a trained technician to match your vehicle’s specificcolor.

Expert Detailing -We offer a range of detailing services to make your car gleam like new. Many body shops today skip some of the final detailing services like wet-sanding and buffing, but not us! Central Pike Collision always goes the extra mile to make sure your vehicle looks factory new.

Written Lifetime Warranty-We give each customer a detailed written lifetime warranty specific to the services performed on the car. We strive for totalcustomer service and work hard to earn and keep your business.